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Inland Marine

Inland Marine Insurance

Are you a business owner or individual with valuable assets that are constantly on the move? Inland Marine Insurance is your ultimate safeguard! Imagine having complete peace of mind knowing that your expensive equipment, precious artwork, or valuable goods are protected at all times, whether they're in transit or temporarily stored.

Securing Your Assets: Property Coverage

With Inland Marine Insurance, you can focus on what you do best while we ensure your assets are shielded from unexpected risks and losses. Don't leave anything to chance; secure your investments with Inland Marine Insurance today. Contact United Risk Advisors today to get a tailored policy that fits your unique needs and enjoy worry-free asset protection like never before!

Operational Continuity: Business Operation Safeguards

Smooth operations are the backbone of your marina's success. Our insurance offerings encompass a range of protections to ensure your marina's activities continue unhindered. This includes crime coverage for theft and criminal activities, and business interruption insurance for compensation in the face of unforeseen operational halts. Specialized coverage is also available for marinas with yacht dealership operations, protecting against damages to boats pre-sale. We also offer false pretense coverage for protection against deceptive practices, and exhibition and boat show coverage to safeguard your vessels during external events.

Legal Shield: Specialized Liability Protection

Navigating legal waters can be as challenging as managing a marina. Our comprehensive liability coverage includes general liability for injury or property damage claims. Marina operators legal liability covers incidents specific to boating and marina operations. For marinas involved in sales, brokerage legal liability is essential, as is ship repairers legal liability for those offering repair services. We also provide protection and indemnity and hull coverage for your own vessels, alongside pollution coverage for incidents like oil spills, ensuring both legal protection and cleanup assistance.

Beyond Basics: Extended Coverage Options

To truly encapsulate all aspects of marina insurance, we recommend considering additional coverages. Commercial automobile coverage is available for marina-operated vehicles. Umbrella and bumbershoot policies extend the limits of your basic liability coverages, and directors and officers insurance protects your leadership team from personal liabilities tied to their decisions.


The United Risk Advisors Advantage

Partnering with United Risk Advisors means you're not just insuring your assets; you're safeguarding your reputation, operational integrity, and future growth. We encourage marina owners to assess their unique needs, risks, and operational specifics when selecting insurance policies. With our specialized approach, we ensure that your marina is not only protected from today's risks but is also prepared for tomorrow's challenges. Secure your marina with insurance that understands the ebb and flow of your business. With United Risk Advisors, safe harbors start with comprehensive, customized insurance solutions.

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