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Dedicated to protecting logging companies for over 20 years. 

United Risk Advisors are forestry insurance industry specialists with expertise in the logging sector. With over 160 combined years  of experience, our experts leverage specialized industry knowledge across a wide range of logging-related businesses: 

Log Hauling

Non-Mechanized Logging

Mechanized Logging


Stump Removal Operations

Grading (Forestry Roads)

Grading/Site Prep

Right of Way Clearing

Chipping Operations

Protect your logging company with comprehensive business insurance that addresses the unique challenges of your industry. Our customized policies cover basic requirements like property and casualty insurance, and extend to specialized needs like fire suppression costs. Gain peace of mind with coverage that goes beyond standard offerings with flexible options for adding additional insured parties. 

why choose united risk advisors?

United Risk Advisors is the industry’s leading choice for comprehensive insurance solutions for forestry businesses. 

Expert Service

Our experts understand the industry's unique risks and work hard to provide tailored coverage and expert guidance to each and every client.

Customized Plans

Whether you have a large or small business, our experts fully assess your requirements to develop a comprehensive plan that has you fully covered. 

Competitive Rates

We have worked with trusted insurance carriers for over 20 years to provide our clients with customized coverage at the most competitive rates on the market. 

Superior Customer Support

Any questions or concerns? Contact our customer service team for expert support. 

24/7 Online Service

Pay and manage your insurance bills or file a claim on our 24/7 online portal.

United Risk Advisors has your insurance needs covered.

Enhance your business's resilience with a strategic approach to Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).

Partner with United Risk Advisors, the foremost authority in risk management for the forestry industry, and let us manage your insurance complexities. Start the journey towards comprehensive risk management and optimized protection by starting with a free consultation by filling out this form, or call 866-755-0344 to discuss how we can serve you more effectively in the logging industry.