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A few sentences about how United Risk Advisors uses their experience with the industry to provide cost-effective coverage – and they pride themselves on their dependable and fast customer service.

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Businesses We Serve

Cabinet Manufacturing

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Wood Furniture Manufacturing

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Furniture Stock Manufacturing

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Furniture Frame Shops

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Furniture Assembly Operations

Wood Turning Operations

Carpentry Shops

Church Pew & Altar Manufacturing

Moulding & Millwork

Wooden Door Manufacturing

Casket Manufacturing

Wood Component Operations

Truss Manufacturing

Wood Flooring Manufacturing

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Looking to cut your insurance costs?

Our underwriters, and claims adjusters are industry specialists who understand the complexities of forest products production and the challenges you face day to day.


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Insurance is a policy of coverages not covered by a personal auto policy.

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These risks may include bodily injury or property damage caused by direct or indirect actions of the insured and considered third-party coverage.

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Inland Marine indemnifies losses to movable or specialized types of property in the woods or on the yard (i.e. Feller Bunchers, Delimbers, Skidders, Fork Lifts, Grinders, Loaders etc.).

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This may include, but certainly is not limited to, your valuable Contents, Equipment Breakdown and Loss of Business income exposures.

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We provide full range expert insurance solutions